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Currently working with his twin brother, Andrew. Together, they have produced a number of well received films.   

Previous short films;
Comical death. A old school style comedy filmed in Moston, Manchester.

(Cast) Mo Sofian, Nat Chavina, Laura Knight, Fern Tolley, Daniel Maude and Ben Clark.

(Writer) Andrew, (post-production) Anthony.

Just talk. An co-host interview style documentary with 8 different actors from around the globe.

(Post-production) Andrew.

Tribulatio. An old school style fight film shot in Blackley Forest, Manchester.

(Cast) Chelsey Emery, Holly Rowlinson, Stacey McGuire and Connor Hanley.

(Writer) Anthony.

Currently in progress:
Awakening. Location, Stretford.

(Cast) Chelsey Emery, Connor Hanley, Lucy Buckley, Kian Rhodes and Romi Goodwin.

(Writer) Anthony.   

Projects in the works:

Tribulatio II (writer, Anthony).

Night before Valentine's (writer, Anthony).

Argumental Death (writer Andrew).

Dark Days (writer, Andrew)

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